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Ready To Rumble

We’re Getting Ready To Rumble!

Connect Nightclub is putting on the finishing touches for a Friday, May 1 opening.

We’re won’t have the club where we eventually want it to be by the opening and for the next few weeks you will notice almost daily changes as we get the club to the vision we have set for Connect..

Here’s some of the basics.

  • We’re a non-smoking club. This was a hard one, but a lot of our potential customers asked us to make this decision. We also know there is a big push for making all bars and nightclubs in Waco non-smoking, so we’re just getting a head start on the future.
  • With a smoking patio and patio bar. For our smoking customers, we’ve got a fabulous patio that is smoking and that will feature a small shot and beer bar onsite. In the coming weeks we will be adding a smoking bar just off the patio as part of Phase Two of the nightclub and Connect Catina (yep, that’s what we call the patio area).
  • Cover charge. There will be a $5 cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays. And a $4 cover charge for Connect Cabaret on Sundays. No cover charge on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • College Nights.  We’re just old fashioned enough t0 believe that if you are old enough to join the military and die for our country, you ought to be old enough to drink. But that’s not the law and we follow the law. We will however give College Night a shot. Sunday’s will be 18 and over. Cover charge for 18 to 20 year old is $10. And it’s a one strike your out situation. Get caught drinking and your out.
  • Zero Tolerance Drug Policy. What you do in your own home, is your business. But don’t bring it into the club and if you get caught selling drugs here … expect to here from the folks wearing blue.
  • Special Nights. We want to give you lots of nights to have fun. Friday and Saturday are dance nights. We’re finalizing plans for Wednesday. Thursday is karaoke and Sunday is Connect Cabaret, a fun-filled night of entertainment with the best male and female impersonators, singers and other entertainment in the area.


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