Rules and Regulations

Miss Gay America 2017       

     Application Regulations/Instructions

  1. All applications must be submitted on or before midnight , unless otherwise approved in advance by KC Productions.
  1. Administrative point deductions will be applied to contestant scores for contestants who have not submitted their applications by the application deadline. For every one (1) day delay in receipt, a “per infraction” administrative point deduction (25 points per infraction) will be levied. Please be reminded that Administrative Point Deductions carry forward into the Final Night scores.
  1. Administrative point deductions will be applied to contestant scores for improperly or partially completed applications. Please be reminded that Administrative Point Deductions carry forward into the Final Night scores.
  1. The application must be submitted in PDF and sent to KC Productions  electronically. No handwritten or faxed applications will be accepted. (unless other wise stated by promoter)
  1. Please follow these instructions to complete the application:
  1. Input the information in the appropriate “input” box (as the information is input, the input will expand, as necessary and subsequent information may shift downward accordingly… if the application seems to be “off-page aligned”, please do not be alarmed as this will be remedied by the national office, when the application is received and processed ) then;
  2. “tab” to the next input box and continue to input the various requested/required information
  3. Once the application is completed, save as

“Application-SusieSmith-MGA2016” (please use stage name of contestant)

  1. Send an email to with the application as an attachment.
  2. OPTIONAL- click “request return receipt”, if possible, to ensure you are automatically notified when the application is retrieved by the national office
  1. The Contestant Application should be sent as an attachment, electronically, to KC Productions at the email address of Within approximately 5-7 days from the date of receipt of the application, KC Productions will provide an email confirmation of receipt (to both the promoter and the contestant) to advise you that the application received is acceptable. Please do not inquire whether or not the application has been received by the national office. Again, we WILL contact you to let you know that the application was successfully received. This national office WILL NOT return messages of inquiry about receipt of the application. If all is well with the Contestant Application, we will contact you. Additionally, if we do not timely receive your Contestant Application we will eventually contact you and your Promoter to inform you that we have not received your Contestant Application. We strongly encourage you to retain a copy of your “sent email” verification, just in case there is a dispute with the timing of when received by this national office.
  1. Limited changes to your application, once submitted, will be allowed. Once the application is submitted and processed (by the national office), evidenced by an email confirmation of receipt and successful processing of the application by the national office, changes may ONLY be made during registration provided that a replacement page (with necessary amendment) is submitted by the contestant, at the designated time and place during contestant orientation. It is recognized that sometimes, unavoidable last minute changes occur in which case it is the responsibility of the contestant to make any necessary changes to the application and provide an amended version of the application, to KC Productions.
  1. Questions relative to the application should be communicated via the Preliminary Pageant Promoter, rather than directed to the National Office. Then the Promoter shall contact the national KC Productions office for issues that require resolve.
  1. Contestant signatures for various places on the application will be obtained at the time of registration or as otherwise specified.
  1. Dancer/On-Stage performers signatures for Performance Release will be obtained on the day of the talent competition (prior to the talent competition performance), as announced. This is mandatory and there will be no exceptions.
  1. The “Contestant #” section of the Miss Gay Texas America Prelim 2017 Contestant Application Questionnaire will be completed at the time of registration.